1 thought on “Sunrise Swim and Racquet Club in Bellingham, WA”

  1. Dear Sunrise Community,

    I appreciate your attempt at making the neighborhood more livable by improving the swimming pool, adding a pickleball court, and attempting to improve the tree situation. However, there needs to be some oversight of the residents at 2225 W. Birch Street which seems to be a halfway house for the disabled, This has been the case since the owner vacated and opted to rent the home to the group.

    When I returned home this evening (7/29/22) I found a pair of men’s jogging pants in my driveway. When I went to retrieve them, I found them to be willed with feces, as if the wearer had soiled themself and just discarded the clothing at that point. This is the second time a resident and handler have wandered down our driveway, and needs to cease.

    We have lived here for 32 years and refuse to have this type of behavior condoned by the SSRC. Please take control of this neighborhood.


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